Announcements: This week's Double EXP Weekend: Grifball
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Main » 2009 » October » 4 » Grifball League
Grifball League
6:14:18 AM
If you don't know, I joined the A.G.L.A. for the Fall Season. We had our first two games last night. Man were they brutal. We had never played together as a team before, (which was probably not a good thing) but we gave a good effort. The final scores were: the first game 7-2(Loss) and the second game 7-2 or 8-1(loss) can't remember. I feel that with more practice we could be a decent team. In case anyone was wondering, I am the designated runner of the team, (for those non-grifballers, that means I keep the ball all the time.) so wish me luck for next week. Plus, next weekend's double exp is Grifball so there should some more practice for us.
Category: Gaming News | Views: 233 | Added by: Cody | Tags: cody, grifball league | Rating: 5.0/1
Total comments: 3
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2 Cody  
nope but im planning on it in like 10 min. thanks id like to play the grifball double exp weekend with you guys but i think im probably going to play with my team to get more practice.

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3 Fyntix  
We could join you, that way you can play against people who you know are actually good at it.

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1 Fyntix  
Did you get any sleep? Seemed like you were on all night. And good luck for next weekends game.

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