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Alright, so I already received two more friend requests since posting the "It's Official" article. Told you I would.
Okay, now on to the update. Now, if you click on the menu item titled Info, instead of seeing the generic info page you can see the brief history of the E.T.B. Unit. Also, if you look in the announcements scroll bar at the top of the screen, you will notice that the words of the weekend's Double XP playlist are a different c ... More »
Category: User News | Views: 250 | Added by: Cody | Date: 2010 Feb 05 | Comments (0)

Does anyone else think that's a little ridiculous or is it just me? I mean 138 friend requests since last Wednesday. Most likely the number will continue to go up. Bungie has changed the favs so the official number is 138, but the number on the previous article will most likely continue to go up. I'll keep it updated until the end of next week, in case a few stragglers send me a request.

P.S. In case you were wondering:
Friend Reques ... More »
Category: User News | Views: 239 | Added by: Cody | Date: 2010 Feb 03 | Comments (0)

Over the past week, I have been sent at least a dozen or more friend requests due to my maps being on Bungie Favorites. Well, this week, I'm on there again. So, I'm expecting another dozen or so friend requests before the files are removed. I'm going to try and add a counter on the site so you can see how many I have, and I will keep updated...maybe.
Scratch the counter idea, just check for a number next to the title of the article. ... More »
Category: User News | Views: 259 | Added by: Cody | Date: 2010 Jan 27 | Comments (0)

Hey guys,
The great community over at has earned the community spotlight this week on which you can view here. Since they have recieved the spotlight, they are able to post files to Bungie Favorites and guess who they decided to put on there, this guy. You can check out all their file choices ... More »
Category: User News | Views: 292 | Added by: Cody | Date: 2010 Jan 20 | Comments (0)

Okay so the stupid video player wants to stay small on the front page so just click here, or click more to see the video.
Category: User News | Views: 264 | Added by: Cody | Date: 2010 Jan 19 | Comments (0)

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